Resolution in Patterson

Resolution in Patterson
Mariah PerezMariah Perez

Patterson, N.J., -- The New Jersey Sparks annual showcase, A New Year's Resolution, has been a staple on our yearly coverage calendar for over six years now. The event has become a celebration of New Jersey high school basketball with a mix of some of the rest of the regions best teams added. This year event organizers managed to defeat a storm of historical proportion and put together a special three-day event. Overall there were 24 games played this weekend, here is a look at just a few of the standouts from the games.


Feature Players

Dominique Darius (Blair Academy) - Although she is just a freshman, Dominique Darius brings a savvy and feel to the game that is beyond her years. The 5-foot-8 combo guard has a well-developed frame and the ability to score the ball at all three levels. This weekend she was active on both sides of the ball as she managed to be disruptive defensively allowing her defense to feed her teams offense and put them in consistent transition situations.

Jenna Annecchiarico

New York, Class of 2018




Eastern Michigan


Jenna Annecciarico (Baldwin) - Annecciarico is senior who is headed to Eastern Michigan next season. This year, Annecciarico has more to accomplish at the high school level, and her play against a talented Mary Louis team showed that she was ready to finish her senior season with a bang.  Annecciarico is a tough-minded point guard who has grown into a scorer and play creator. She brings it consistently on the defensive side of things and can be disruptive guarding on or off the ball. Her ability to run a team, get the ball to the right people, and still contribute as a scorer will be welcomed by her future coach, Fred Castro.

Michelle Sidor

Michelle Sidor

New Jersey, Class of 2019






Michelle Sidor (Saddle River Day) - As a member of the class of 2019, Sidor has earned the reputation as one of the best shooters in the country. With defenses focused on making it hard for her to get open looks from deep, Sidor has shown the ability to attack the basket, pull up from the midrange or find space to let off a floater or runner. This weekend, Sidor did an excellent job scoring the ball while still being efficient.


Standout Players


Nisani Santiago (Gil St. Bernard's) - In one of the best games of the event, 2019 point guard Nisani Santiago, made a lasting impact for her Gil St. Bernard team.  The 5-foot-5 prospect made contributions in almost every way. She ran her team, getting the ball to teammates in scoring opportunities, shot the ball well from the perimeter, attacked the rim when it was there, and pressured the ball on defense. This weekend was an impactful outing for Santiago as she was able to show her ability to command a team from the lead guard position.

Mariah Perez

Mariah Perez

New Jersey, Class of 2019






Mariah Perez (Newark Tech) - This was a strong outing for Perez as she was able to show her offensive versatility. The 6-foot-3 post has a well-developed skill set and is effective playing at the high-post and making plays with the pass or playing in the low-post and scoring with her back to the basket. The class of 2019 post has continued to improve and progress from her freshman year until now.


Brynn Masikewich (Lincoln Prep) - As an international prospect, Brynn Masikewich has been on our radar since the U16 Canadian national team trials a couple of years ago. Masikewich is a versatile forward who can score in a variety of ways. She is comfortable handling the ball in space and can be effective scoring with her back to the basket. This weekend Masikewich was hampered by a bit of foul trouble, but her impact on the game was still sizeable.


Around the Rim


Daniya Darby (Lincoln) - Darby left a lasting impression with her combination of size and athleticism. The 5-foot-11 member of the class of 2019 played hard on the defensive side of the ball and showed the ability to attack the rim and finish through contact offensively.


Amani Boston (Cathedral) - Boston is a class of 2019 point guard who consistently competes on both sides of the ball. She has a good feel for the game, get's her team into sets, and can make plays attacking the rim.

Jaida Patrick

New York, Class of 2019


HEIGHT5' 10"




Jaida Patrick (Saddle River Day) - Patrick is a member of the 2019 class and one of the most versatile athletes in the country. This weekend she had a triple-double and showed her potential to impact the game in a variety of different ways.


Olivia Mullins (Rutgers Prep School) - Mullins is a combo guard who will be able to defend her position, rebound from her position, and impact the game with or without the ball in her hands. The class of 2020 guard is one to watch in the upcoming months as the 2020 class becomes a priority for more and more programs.


Jennifer Davis (TPLS) - Class of 2018 point guard Jennifer Davis is headed to Towson next year. This weekend, Davis took care of the ball, proving that she could be a high assist, low turnover point guard. Davis is also a strong perimeter shooter.


Cassandra Hawthorne (Capital Prep) - Hawthorne made an impact this weekend scoring in a variety of ways, rebounding the ball, and guarding both around the rim and on the perimeter. Hawthorne is a 5-foot-11 wing and a member of the 2019 class that we will be keeping an eye on. 

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