As recruiting for the Class of 2024 comes to a close, colleges nationwide are turning their attention to the junior and sophomore classes. Here’s a look at the recruiting of five Class of 2026 prospects who already have a recruiting buzz heading into the school season.
There is plenty to be made of the USC women’s basketball early signing class for the 2024 graduating class. The signing class of five area all ranked in the ProspectsNation.com ELITE150, four of which are in the top 55 and three in the top 24.
The ELITE is EARNED Breakfast Club training at the CMO Bay Area Showcase brought not only motivated but an incredibly talented group of players together.
The Open Run is an opportunity to get in the gym with the Brandon Clay Training staff. Former University of Kentucky star guard and BCT alum Maci Morris was the headline trainer this weekend.
Elite Is Earned brought its national camp tour back to New York in 2023 and the level of talent was off the charts. Never was it more evident than during the Breakfast Club session on Sunday before camp.

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