PBR Super 64 Championship Day Standouts

PBR Super 64 Championship Day Standouts
Nalyssa SmithNalyssa Smith is one of the most versatile players in the 2018 class

Standout Players
Nalysa Smith (San Antonio's Finest) - Smith was one of the best players in the gym from start to finish this weekend. She managed to be productive throughout the tournament, but when she was needed most, she consistently rose to the occasion helping her San Antonio's Finest team win the championship in the Texas bracket, the top division at the event. 

Nalyssa Smith

Texas, Class of 2018




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Nyah Green (San Antonio's Finest) - While streaky at times and at other times near unguardable, Green showed her offensive versatility this weekend and managed to make timely baskets when her team needed her. She is getting better as a catch and shoot player, but in one on one situations, she is possibly the hardest match up in the country. 

Nyah Green

Texas, Class of 2019






Tatum Veitenheimer (Texas Elite Adidas) - In her Texas Elite Adidas teams semifinal game, Veitenheimer made clutch plays on multiple occasions helping her team seal the victory of a talented AUSA Australia team.  Throughout the weekend, Veitenheimer showed a level of leadership and toughness that separates her from a majority of the point guards in her class. 

Tatum Veitenheimer

Texas, Class of 2018




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Quick Hitters 
McKenna Warnock (Wisconsin Flight)
- Warnock is a 2019 wing who has blossomed into one of the elite scoring wings in her class. At 6-foot-1 she has a solid frame and is comfortable scoring the ball at all three levels 


Haley Van Lith (Northwest Blazers) - As a member of the 2020 class, Van Lith's ability to play the point and control her team with her floor game while also showing some aggressiveness as a scorer is a balance that very few elite players have, especially at her age. 

DaJinae McCarty (Lady Jets)  - McCarty is an explosive scorer who plays the game with a heightened sense of aggression on the offensive end. The 5-foot-8 member of the 2019 class is emerging as one of the best wing scoring options in the class. 

Jenna Clark (Western PA Bruins) - After quality showings in the Spring and another solid weekend here in early July, Clark is becoming a name in the recruiting world. The 5-foot-5 guard is capable of creating her shots off the bounce and is comfortable shooting the ball from anywhere on the floor. 

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