Murcer Picks Oklahoma

Murcer Picks Oklahoma
Nation News: Murcer Picks Oklahoma

Sherri Coale and her staff looked to add depth and perimeter shooting to their backcourt and this weekend they were able to do that with the addition of Jessi Murcer of Westmoore, Oklahoma.  For Oklahoma, Murcer is a guard that brings stability to both of their backcourt positions. While she is capable of playing as the primary point guard, her perimeter shooting ability allows her to be a threat on the wing.  

As a guard prospect, Murcer‘s playmaking strength and reliability as a ball handler have allowed her to stand out in the prep ranks.  She is capable of being useful in ball screen situations and can stretch the floor with her perimeter shooting and passing ability.  As Oklahoma looks to continue to develop their 2018 recruiting class, Murcer is a player who will allow them to pair her with other targets such as a point guard similar to current target Tatum Veitenheimer or a wing such as Amaya Brown. 

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